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Taxi Buddy is an Application which gives immense benefits to Taxi drivers, Passengers and Automobile related advertisers. Taxi drivers can register with the application and discover hire opportunities. They will charged only Rs.30 per month with no initial charges.

Taxi Buddy connects to another app called Taxi, which the passengers will use to find the nearby taxi list. Taxi app is free to register and passenger will only be charged Rs.2 when he/she sends a taxi request. Automobile advertisers can advertise on TaxiBuddy by setting up a maximum budget to spend. Then the TaxiBuddy will send the advertisement to Taxi drivers. We will charge Rs.1 for one message we send to a TaxiDriver from the Advertiser. But will not exceed the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

For more information on the App, check facebook page here

These functions can be used by any mobile phone having SMS capability and additionally we developed an Android App and a Windows Phone App to accomplish the same. We used all the APIs available at Ideamart platform to develop this system.

That is about the product we built.


It was the most enjoyed hackathon ever. We had a great support from all the members in the ideamart team for the development of the product. Making a product which consumes four platform APIs at Dialog within one night is not an easy task. Great team effort and the technical support from Ideamart enabled us to complete this within a night.





Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself, Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.






Team Extrogene

Our team had four members from Faculty of Information Technology,University of Moratuwa. They are Thusara, Thusitha, Lashan and myself Ruwan.




We first focused on implementing and integrating the software components to access Dialog Ideamart network APIs. After the midnight we started developing android and windows apps while testing and debugging the initial base product which is TaxiBuddy coupled with Taxi ideamart app. It was a tough night in terms of coding, testing, debugging and we couldn’t sleep even a single minute which was optional during the Hackathon. We were that busy with implementing our solution but enjoyed coding at the Hackathon.
We had four presentations time to time. First we had the initial introduction at the beginning. Then one minute pitch at midnight to explain what we had done so far and what we had left to complete. And another one at 2.00 AM to explain the progress. And the final presentation was at the end of the Hackathon before the judges, which was a demo of the product we developed.

TaxiBuddyINtroductory presentation_Photo Credit_Kazun Frankenstein Piyumal

TaxiBuddy Introductory Presentation, photo credit https://www.facebook.com/kpiyumal

At that time we had a working live product which could be used by anyone who has a dialog phone. Yes additionally with two working smart phone apps TaxiBuddy for android and TaxiBuddy for windows phone.
When we did the presentations we focused only on explaining the essential facts and no fancy stuff because we had a very limited time for the presentation and we had lot of functionality to cover  We are delighted to say, we presented really well and we won the first place at the Hackathon.

Electronic club and Ideamart team did a great job with organizing this event including food and beverage, recreational area with games and a DJ. We enjoyed the event thoroughly and kudos to the organizers again.


CarelessDROID is an Android application to find a misplaced Android phone. You can send a SMS from any phone to your misplaced Android phone to change your phone profile either to deactivate silent mode or activate silent mode, get contacts, get IMEI and send a customized reply message to the callers. You can simplify finding your misplaced android phone by just sending a SMS.

carelessdroid1 carelessdroid2 carelessdroid3

CarelessDroid is a solution by WhiteRay

Download for free from here


Hutch entered into a partnership with Nimbuzz, a social messaging app, recently. To mark this event, Hutch has enabled subscribers to use the Nimbuzz app free of data charges for six months (up to December 17).
Nimbuzz is a Chat Application which is popular among friends and their regular contacts. It allows them to communicate fast through any of their IM Accounts such as yahoo, Gtalk, or Facebook.
Hutch, CEO, Thirukumar Nadarasa said, ”Our exclusive partnership with Nimbuzz is another value addition in our recent series of agreements with some of the top local and international Application developers. These agreements have enabled Hutch fulfill diversified communication needs of various segments throughout the country.”
“The company is committed to creating the highest value offering for the end user and we believe that these initiatives have enabled the brand to deliver our promises. We are delighted to be a part of the exclusive Nimbuzz partnership that would revolutionise mobile messaging in Sri Lanka, making communication more affordable and convenient,” he said.

Source: Sunday Observer


Tour De Hiru app is Sri Lanka’s First Road Racing Mobile app.

* Track the Live location of the moving race
* Watch the live video streaming
* See the list of riders & their live position
* Take photos of the race & upload to Hiru

TourDeHiru1 TourDeHiru2

App by Bhasha

Free download here


Fortunaglobal and retail fashion power house Fashion Bug have launched a first of its kind in Sri Lanka – a multi channel iPhone and android app. The multi-functional app brings the entire gamut of app development to the proverbial fashion runway, with customers being able to browse Fashion Bug catalogues which are continuously linked and updated to all their outlets islandwide.
Fortunaglobal CEO, Suren Kohombange said, “We’re excited at the endless opportunities this app opens up for Fashion Bug. This sort of app is what users expect from a retailer’s mobile presence nowadays. The in-store crossover features and customer-appropriate feature-set, also means that Fashion Bug could genuinely interact with their customers. This seamless collaboration between lifestyle and retail experiences had presented Fortunaglobal with the ideal platform to propel the launch of this app without interfering with the existing operating structure of Fashion Bug.
The content is peppered with an innovative sliding image function, a state-of-the-art interface and glossy photos, which permits users to immerse themselves in each trend through a rich mix of content. A unique selling point of the app is that it allows users to easily track the location of the branches with the inbuilt GPS facility, an interactive feature that really sets it apart from regular app.”
Using Fortunaglobal’s expertise in delivering market-leading apps, Fashion Bug worked closely with Fortunaglobal to deliver an app which is also equipped with “Push Notifications,” where users could get promotional details and sale notifications to their devices without even opening the app.
Fashion Bug Asia (Pvt) Ltd., Director, Shabier Subian, added, “In an age of smart technology and social media, the text book advertising and the typical press-TV- radio combination does not quite cut it when it comes to advertising and brand building. Especially since we hail from the fashion industry, it is imperative that our communications are visual, while also prompting and yielding optimum customer engagement. We are making strides on Facebook and Fortunagobal has partnered with us in creating the Fashion Bugmobile App, just in time along with the smartphone boom here in Sri Lanka. We are the very first Fashion Retailer to launch an interactive interface such as this in Sri Lanka. Currently, more than 3,500 of our customers are connected with us via the app where they get daily updates on new arrivals and our promotions. The customer friendly layout does not intimidate the new smart-phone users. The store locater is also a regular favourite amongst our customers. The number of downloads are growing daily and we are looking forward to further innovations and enhancements from our trusted developers.”
Fortunaglobal is a leading technology based company in Sri Lanka, who is specialized in mobile technologies, software solutions and consultancy services. In 2011, Fortunaglobal won a Gold Award at the e-Swabhimani awards in the mobile category for the media App suite. In 2012, Fortunaglobal was recognised at the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), winning two awards for their media App suite and also middle-wear Financial Solution, according to a press release.

Source: Daily News


A single app that can serve as an automatic silencer, a notification tool, an alarm clock and a task manager, targeting the entire productivity cycle under a simple user interface.

Based on the rules you add, the app will:
■ switch your phone to silent while you sleep / wake you up with an alarm / remind you of a note / vibrate
■ daily, weekly or just once
■ on certain days or between certain days
■ at certain times or between certain times
■ plus: you can also add tasks and use it as a todo list

Other features:
■ share your list with friends or make a backup by emailing it to yourself in human readable form. That same backup can be imported back into the app by copy/pasting it
■ extra filter controls and reminder text when you turn the device to landscape
■ Ring Mode widget: change the ringer mode (mute/vibrate/loud)

Created by Teodore Filimon

Grab it to your Android device here


Baiscope Sinhalen is a Sri Lankan Community service that shares reviews about various types of Movies. It also provides Exclusive Sinhala Subtitles for many of the Movies. Website: http://www.baiscopelk.com

Bhasha has created an Android app to view Baiscope Sinhalen. App is a CSR project of Bhasha.

Go ahead, Grab it here to your android device.


Meanings is a dictionary app for windows 8 with rich user interface. This brings you Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms and Example for a given word. This app gives you the real dictionary experience. This app supports landscape view, filled view, snapped view and portrait view. Meanings can speak the given word. This supports sharing content, so users can share (tweet or email or any other) the word they have searched and its meaning, and in tiles user can get the last word he searched and its meaning. This supports large tiles.

App by Isham Mohamed from Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka.

[Updated 1st July 2013 6:20pm] Grab the app here http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/meanings/3565d6c7-f1e4-4214-a4a6-b91ca3048c00



Name of app – Lovers Chat

Description – If you are a person who sends a lot of SMS’s in a day to a specific user, Lovers chat gives you a very low cost option. Now Etisalat and Dialog user can chat with loved ones by paying only ONE RUPEE per day.

This is a “one 2 one” and “random” chatting application which allows you to chat with your partner or friends and it gives you the opportunity to have new friends via random chatting. Once you are registered in this application you can chat without any limit for only 1 rupee per day.

To register,

If you are a dialog user type REG<space>JM and send it to 77220

If you are a Etisalat user type REG<space>LA and send to 4499

App created by Sajith udayanga. He is an undergraduate of the Dept of Sports Science and Management, Faculty of Applied Science at Sabaragamuwa University. He has a keen interest for programming and has sound experience in the field of mobile application development. He was awarded the grand winner at the award ceremony “AppZone Champions 2013″ organized by Etisalat Lanka.