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I’ve never owned a (stand alone) camera in my life. But I’ve been using smartphones that come with decent cameras, for sometime now. It’s amazing how smartphone cameras have evolved over the years. Back in the days “having a camera” on the phone was considered a luxury, even if it was a VGA camera. And then the megapixel wars started. A mid range smartphone these days will have at least a 5 Megapixel camera, while we’ve seen some some flagship models boasting up to 41 MP ones. While the megapixel and UltraPixel wars continue on one side, one cannot deny the fact that this revolution also has contributed to new ways of social networking through photo sharing apps and services. And Instagram does not require any introduction in 2013.

Started off as a photo sharing app on iPhone (iOS devices), it is now available on Android, Windows Phone and as a web based social network. I love Instagram (and for the record, I don’t share food pics). It’s about filters and “no filters”; and hashtags. There has been this age old debate as to whether Instagram is good for photography or not. Regardless of what people think, the growth and popularity of the service has never slowed down. Instagram is not limited for smartphone cameras either. There are a large number of professional photographers whose instagraphs are captured with Digital SLR cameras.


Instagram is hugely popular among Sri Lankans. Even TweetupSL had an award category for Instagrammers this time. Few days before TweetupSL, Halik, one of my favorite Sri Lankan Instagrammers, tweeted this:

He was talking about an InstaMeet. Few days later I met him during TweetupSL and he mentioned about having a InstaMeet in Slave Island area and documenting the places and happenings there. The idea was simple. It had no cost involved. Above all it was about meeting people (cool kids?), which is fun. You carry your camera (again, not necessarily smartphone) and do what you are good at – Instagram! And thus, the InstaMeetSL idea was born.

So what are InstaMeets?

InstaMeets are a way for Instagram users to meet the fellow Instagrammers in their locality, offline (i.e in real life). Well, it is basically like having a Tweetup for Instagrammers. Instagrammers can take this opportunity to build real connections, discuss about photography (or should I term it as Instagraphy?) and discuss how they share common love for filters (*cough*). To quote Instagram, participants can “discuss your favorite filters, exchange tips, or just take photos together!”

The Community

There are many Instagram communities around the world. http://www.meetup.com/instagram/ lists all (1700+) of them. Everyone is welcome to join the “Colombo Instagram Community” meetup page here: http://www.meetup.com/Instagram/Colombo/ This meetup page will be monitored by Instagram staff too, and events will get featured in their blog etc. An InstaMeetSL Facebook group has also been set up.

(And, interestingly InstaMeets are not new to Sri Lanka. The “Kolamba Instagram Community” page has details of few meetups that were planned in 2012.)

Soon after InstaMeet Colombo announcement by Halik, we have seen announcements about InstaMeetGalle by Kasun. (Following is a confession) For someone who has never been to Galle (hides face in shame), I think these kind of meetups will give an opportunity to explore beautiful places.

The Plan?

At the time of writing we have more than 60 members in the InstaMeetSL Facebook group. If you’re an Instagrammer and not in the group, do feel free to join. The first edition of the meetup, InstaMeetCMB (InstaMeet Colombo) has been planned to be held on the 16th December (Monday) from 4 pm onwards at the Maradana Railway Station. Interested people can RSVP to the event here that the Facebook event page and the Meetup Community Page.

Sri Lanka has a rich Railway history. Stations in and around Colombo offer so much for the keen eyes. There are things that have never changed over the years and things that may be gone very soon. Hence, the selection of Maradana sure is interesting. To quote the event description, “Sri Lanka’s first Instameet, we will brave the elements and explore the ruinous remains said to conceal all manner of juicy photo ops North of Maradana Station, the station itself is quite happening.”

Instagram and hashtag have an interesting love and hate story. We’ll discuss that in a later post. For now, the hashtags for the event will be #InstaMeet #InstaMeetSL and #InstaMeetCMB. Participants are encouraged to use all three hashtags in their posts along with any other hashtag of their choice. If you can’t make it to the meetup, you can follow the above hashtags in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

I can’t wait to take part in the event and meet fellow Instagrammers. What about you?


- Interview with J. F. Fazna: An Award Winner of Ideamart – Digit Awards 2013

Digit IT Magazine partnered with Dialog Ideamart to recognize the best performing mobile application developers cum entrepreneurs on Ideamart and the award ceremony was held on 12th October at Dialog Future World Auditorium. There was one particular app developer who was able to stun the gathering, when she was awarded for the most number of application submissions. She has developed 16 applications on Ideamart within a limited time period and today; we are interviewing Jifry Fathima Fasna to explore her story behind the success.

Q:  Hello Fazna! Congratulations on your award at Ideamart – Digit Awards 2013. Tell us about yourself.

A: I’m from the east part of the island. My hometown is Oddamavadi, which is in Batticaloa. I started my school life at BT/BCC/FathimaBalika M.V. and did my A/L at BT/BCC/Oddamavadi Central College.  Currently I’m doing my second year of the degree in Computer Engineering at University of Peradeniya. About my family, my father is an electronic technician and my mother is a homemaker. I have three sisters and a brother.

Q: Give us a brief introduction to your presence on IdeaMart?

A: I got to know about Ideamart from a friend before Ideamart team came to our university and did a session on Ideamart and how it works. Then, I decided to do apps on that platform and started the work. Now, there are 16 active applications on Ideamart developed by me. Some of them are service type and others are contact type.Under service type, there are few subscriber-based apps such as Girl Facts(Ultimate facts about girls), Health Tips, Sports Quotes (famous quotation for sport people by famous sport persons) and etc.

In contact based applications, there are several apps. Some of them are: Biorhythm, Sleep Calculator, Donate Blood, Know Your Blood Group, Future Job, EB Calculator. Biorhythm and Future Job use user’s birthday to produce the results while the other apps have their own specific inputs.

Users can find the full details of the apps on allapps.lk, or in our FB page https://www.facebook.com/toroidz

Q: 16 Applications! That’s amazing effort! What motivated you to develop applications for IdeaMart?

A: I just love programming. When I get an idea to do an app, I just do it. At the time I heard about diGIT-Ideamart competition, I had already finished 16 apps. So, I applied for them all. Yes, there is a motivation for me. My colleague Fawzan was already doing these kinds of work and he has won some awards in a recently held award ceremony and it impressed me a lot. So, I decided to follow his way and do some apps.

Q. How do you reach out to your target market? What are the marketing channels you use?

A: I initially target the people at my university. I prepared some posters and put them in every faculty’s student notice boards. Other than that, I have a plan to put some advertisement on newspapers and magazine also.Currently, I’m creating a Facebook page for all of my apps to reach the people since it is the mostly used media by everyone today.

Q. What are the challenges you face being a developer?

A: Challenges?? Hmm.. I don’t think being a developer is a challenge. May be it is because I love to be a developer. But, my family members worry about me, specially my parents because, I start everyday with a coffee in front of my laptop and end the day with the dinner in front of my laptop. So, they feel that I should move somewhere else and do some other works also.

Q: Do you have any role models? Who inspire you?

A: Yeah, as I already mentioned my colleague Fawzan is my inspiration for being a developer. He is doing lots of work on web development and application development. He was the one who showed me the way to do some creative work. I started my work as a content creator on his websites, Tip4theday.com and ezmodem.com and now reached this level. I’m really thankful to him for what I’m now.

Q: Where do you see yourself in another 10 years time? Tell us about your future plans.

A: I like to see my self as a successful software engineer in the future. I’m not sure whether I’m going to be a freelancer or work under a specific company. Whatever I do, I like to do my best.I think being a freelancing software engineer would be sound nice ;) . So, I can do my favorite work independently without any pressure. Other than the job, I want to do some more creative work in the field of application development and web development.

Q: We do not see many female developers/entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. What is your message to potential female developers/entrepreneurs?

A: Nowadays, women achievers are in every field. Women can achieve a good place as developers/entrepreneurs, because we are more creative and innovative. These two qualities help us to shine as a developer/entrepreneur.My opinion is being an entrepreneur is a very good profession for women. Not this one, for any profession, if they love the profession they can do it well.


The modern technological enthusiasm among the younger generation has instigated a paradigm shift in the local business industry by inspiring them to form start-up companies providing technology based services. Square Mobile is one such Sri Lankan venture that has reached global recognition through innovative mobile applications. Tharindu Dassanayake, CEO of Square Mobile in an exclusive interview with GSMA Intelligence discussed the inception of the company and its progress over the short time span.

When asked about how he conceived the idea to form his very own company, he explained, ‘I developed an application called Word Puzzle when I was in second year of college at University of Peradeniya. The idea came by chance when I participated in Etisalat’s Appzone Champions competition in March 2011 and won the intra-university level. I was interested in their workshops on app development and decided to participate. The success of Word Puzzle after the competition boosted my entrepreneurial spirit and the exposure I received through the competition events led me to launch Square Mobile’. Word Puzzle is an interactive SMS based educational service which aims to improve English language vocabulary of its users. It is also recognized as the first tri-lingual application of its kind in the country and is offered through Etisalat in Sri Lanka and Nigeria.  Application works by recording responses of each user  to questions based on English vocabulary and then ranks users relative to other players. This competition guarantees that the users are encouraged to perform well, hence providing an incentive to learn.

Mr. Dassanayake further elaborated that since its launch in 2011, they have increased Sri Lankan subscriber base to 5000. By collaborating with Nigerian firm IntoMobile, Square Mobile expanded their operations to Nigeria in February this year. In Nigeria, Word Puzzle has attracted a staggering user base where almost 300 new subscribers are registering every day. With such a high user attraction, Square Mobile expects around 100,000 Word Puzzle users in the coming six months.

Reminiscing the humble, arduous beginning of Square Mobile, Mr. Dassanayake stated, ‘We faced some issues in setting up partnership agreements because we did not have any legal expertise. Lawyers are not only expensive but very hard to find for our field of operation (IT and communication). However, getting initial funding was the biggest challenge. There are very few funding opportunities in Sri Lanka. We raised some initial money from our friends and family, and since then the revenue from Word Puzzle has helped us sustain operations. We also got $5000 from ICTA’s Spiralation competition to develop a travel app. Before we were selected by ICTA it was hard to find mentors. There is no ecosystem for start-ups in Sri Lanka yet. But the market is opening up and there will more opportunities in the future.’

Seeing how ICT is boosting in Sri Lanka, Mr. Tharindu Dassanayake is hopeful that many more technology enthusiasts would venture boldly by starting up their own companies. The increase of smart phone usage and the improvement in mobile telephony have acted as a catalyst to inspire prospectful young entrepreneurs. ‘In the last two years, mobile developers have become interested in developing applications in the local context. Earlier there was no local language support for Android mobiles, but Sri Lankan developers overcame the problem and now there are more mobile apps in native languages. This is a good foundation for the mobile app industry in Sri Lanka.’

Source:  Mobile for Development  - Country Overview: Sri Lanka (October 2013)


For the first time since the “green revolution” that followed the 2009 elections in Iran, citizens of the country can access Twitter and Facebook.

The social media sites, blocked for four years, were available in at least some parts of the country Monday, according to multiple local reports, tweets and updates. They were available via multiple service providers. No official announcement was made, however, leading some observers to speculate that the access could be a technical glitch. (Normally you’d see the government-imposed screenshot above when trying to access Facebook.com in Iran.)

But, then again, granting access would also make sense. Iranian officials have been moving in this direction for some time. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been on Facebook since December and on Instagram since August 2012. Newly elected president Hassan Rouhani has described Internet censorship as “futile.”

Rouhani started tweeting vigorously in June. Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the Iranian foreign minister was verified after some controversy late last week. A state committee, rather than the president, would have had to take the decision to unblock the services, but no doubt Rouhani wields some influence there.

Many tech-savvy Iranians have been accessing social networks despite the blackout, via encrypted VPN networks. An Iranian police chief said in January that the country was developing “intelligent software to control social networking websites” — clamping down on posts and tweets used to organize anti-government rallies or spread dissent.

In other words, Iran may have decided it’s a lot easier to control dissidents by letting them on social media without a private VPN — all the better to see what the mood of the country actually is.

Still, Iranians were thrilled to be rejoining the international community on social media.

Source: http://mashable.com/2013/09/16/twitter-facebook-iran/



Colombo International Book Fair 2013, happening for the 15th consecutive year, is around the corner. Well, to be exact, the week-long event begins tomorrow (14th September 2013).

I can recall some of my experience at previous events where you visit the crowded BMICH complex and get the printed guide at the entrance to go through the confusing map to locate our favorite bookshop. And when you finally do so and go in search of the book you had planned to buy and end up disappointed. Looking at the crowd you then re-consider even checking out another bookshop. Luckily that won’t be the case this time around. The Colombo International Book Fair or CIBF as it is known, has got smarter with a smartphone guide, in the form of an Android app!

How Does It Work?

The all new Android app can be downloaded for free on Google Play. It works on any device running Android version 2.2 and above. At around 3.6 MB of size, this little app aims to function as a virtual guide throughout the event. You will require a working data connection to  access certain sections of the app.

Menu Categories

Menu Categories

A simple UI welcomes you when you open the app. You get four different menu categories on the home-screen. The first option is “Books”. This is a very useful section that gives details about the books available at the fair. You can view the book cover, a small description about the book , price and the publisher or the bookshop where you can find the book at the fair. This section is still in the early stages of development so the content (number of books listed) is limited for now. But the creators of the app have informed that books and other content will be updated on a daily basis.


Books Menu

Books Menu

The second section titled “Stalls” is a database of all the participating bookshops and publishers. You can either browse through the list or do a quick search to find the bookshop you are looking for. Click on the name of a bookshop and you will be directed to the floor plan with the location of the bookshop marked and highlighted. It’s an extremely useful feature to locate bookshops in such a large venue.

The “Map” menu, as the name suggests, provides the detailed maps/plans of all the exhibition floors. The “Events” menu lists all the special events along with date and time,including book launches happening throughout the week at the venue.


Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The CIBF -2013 app is a need of the hour and it’s timely release will make it widely used during this year’s event. Future updates of the app are expected to add information on utility facilities available at the venue for the visitors including sanitary facilities and parking spaces. The upcoming updates will also concentrate on languages and maps and will add details of more books. This commendable effort will continue for the upcoming book fairs as well. Users can submit their feedback & suggestions about the app and the event by clicking the icon provided on the top right corner of the app.

Events Schedule

Events Schedule

The app is developed by Cinnamon Information Technologies (PVT) Ltd. Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association is the content partner while Digit Magazine is the online partner.

You can download this useful application for free on Google Play.



One of the emerging discussions among the book lovers is the challenge posed to their great habit by the technological advancements that are taking place thick and fast. Ever increasing use of social networks and the popularity of online communities have undoubtedly affected the good tastes of most of the young generation. It is evident that the taste for literature and reading books has been on its way down. One of the major reasons for that phenomenon is the lack of usage of technology by the book publishers and book sellers in Sri Lanka.

A set of talented budding engineers from the faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa has identified this void in our country and they have come up with a simple but an innovative idea to blend technology with books. Their idea provides us with a great insight as to how we can use technologies such as mobile communications, internet etc. for popularizing reading among our generation.

“Book Seeker” is the brand name of their product. Book Seeker is a customized mobile application that has been developed for the use of the upcoming Colombo International Book Fair, with the collaboration of Dialog and Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association. You do not need to own a high end mobile to use this. All what you need is to send an SMS to get this service.

Application works as follows:

Send the complete title of the book that you want to find at the Book Fair to Book Seeker. It will search the book for you and reply you with the list of publishers who have the requested book along with their stall numbers and locations. One of the major advantages of the application is its intelligence. You do not need spell the title of the book perfectly. It corrects your typing mistakes. You can search for books of any language as well. All what you have to do is type the title of the book in English (not the translation, but type the words as it is in English, same as you type Sinhalese words in English when sending SMS).

We believe that this application will be of immense use for the book loving public of the island. During previous years, the large number of stalls, the huge crowd that visited the book fair as well as the long queues made finding the books you really want immensely difficult. With the invention of this app, you will no longer need to go from stall to stall in search of the books you want to buy. Even from home, you can get to know about the locations and publishers of the books, which will undoubtedly make the lives of the readers easy.

In order to use the app, first you have to register yourself. Type reg<space>isk and send to 77115 from your Dialog mobile and get registered. Registration needs to be done only once. After getting registered, you can search for books by typing isk<space>book name and send to 77115.

Although this is a simple application, this concept has the potential to go a long way. Book Seeker developer team has plans to extend this idea further to empower the book loving community of the island. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.

In a quest to scale and better tap into real-time sentiment and mobile targeting, Twitter has gone on an acquisition spree with the purchase of Trendrr, a social-TV analytics company, as well as MoPub, the world’s largest mobile ad exchange. Both moves solidify Twitter’s desire to bring together and own, particularly vis-à-vis Facebook, three key spaces: TV and online multi-screening, mobile, and programmatic buying.

Today, many advertisers use Twitter to support their TV ads and as a consequence the social network has been developing its analytics platform to help. Twitter also added a TV slant on its targeting when earlier this summer it rolled out a TV Ad Targeting in the US. This product allows advertisers to target their ads towards users who are likely to have seen the shows where their ads ran based on what individuals have tweeted or the hashtags they have used.

The acquisition of Trendrr adds two key products to Twitter’s stable: Trendrr.TV and Curatorr. Trendrr.TV provides TV networks, publishers and media agencies with tools to track TV engagement across social networks, including Twitter. Curatorr allows those same parties to sort through social streams to visualize data and to help them identify high-quality tweets. These tweets can then be re-tweeted by a TV show’s Twitter account or show up on air during a live show that includes Twitter conversations as part of their show format.

With these two key products, the ability to now insert MoPubs technology into the equation becomes even more powerful; according to Twitter “they plan to use MoPub’s technology to build real-time bidding into the Twitter ads platform so our advertisers can more easily automate and scale their buys.”
As Twitter points out in the release “The two major trends in the ad world right now are the rapid consumer shift toward mobile usage, and the industry shift to programmatic buying. Twitter sits at the intersection of these, and we think by bringing MoPub’s technology and team to Twitter, we can further drive these trends for the benefit of consumers, advertisers, and agencies.”

These recent acquisitions actually compliment a third major trend occurring with TV and mobile which is two screen viewing and conversations, especially around live events. The ability to track and target real-time messages to relevant users more accurately is being reinforced with these acquisitions.
Finally, there is widespread speculation of a forthcoming Twitter IPO next year; these acquisitions should further improve its attractiveness to advertisers, and therefore Twitter’s financial performance and profitability.


These acquisitions will not only allow Twitter to offer deeper audience insights and functionality to marketers, networks, publishers and other organizations, it will also bring in-house a competing service. Trendrr was the last independent player in the social TV chatter space; Twitter bought Bluefin Labs in February and Nielsen bought SocialGuide in November. This is all notable as Facebook has been evolving its platform to become more of a contender in the real-time conversation market with the development of new tools like Trending Topics and hashtags. Facebook has also indicated that it’s looking at its association with TV much more closely. Facebook announced in July (coincidentally from the results of a Trendrr research piece) that it has more TV chatter than Twitter just behind “closed doors” due to its users’ ability to restrict access to their content. By absorbing Trendrr, Twitter has not only bolstered their appeal to advertisers, but they have also ensured Facebook have limited options for future acquisitions.


For many users Twitter is the place where real-time conversation happens. This engaged audience and stream of real-time data has attracted advertisers and has started to turn into much needed advertising revenue.
The additional functionality and expertise Twitter gains as result of this acquisition will add to its second screen credentials and give advertisers more tools to better target their consumers across whatever screen they are engaging. No doubt we will see much more development in this TV, social, and mobile intersection.

Source: http://www.dailymirror.lk/tech/digital-media/35252–twitter-goes-on-the-offensive.html


With Windows 8.1 now available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, Microsoft today also launched a pre-release version of Skype for Windows 8.1. The new version makes sense given that Skype will be bundled with Windows 8.1.

So, what’s new? As Microsoft puts it, the first-ever, fully integrated version of Skype ensures “you’ll never miss a message.”


In addition to being able to view your missed calls and instant messages, Skype for Windows 8.1 lets you answer calls directly from your lock screen. Furthermore, you can do the same on the Start screen, plus you can also choose how to respond: a video call, an audio call, or decline and send an IM instead.

Next up, not only can you call anyone from your People app and pinned favorites, but Skype for Windows 8.1 lets you click-to-call directly through Internet Explorer. Here’s that experience in action:

iedefaultforcall Microsoft launches Skype pre release for Windows 8.1, lets you answer calls from the lock and Start screens

Last but certainly not least, Skype for Windows 8.1 includes app-to-app launching. In short, this means Skype will automatically move to the side when you click on a link or shared item for easier multitasking.

You can also snap Skype and adjust the size of the window. For those that spend a lot of time in Skype, these enhancements will be very welcome.

side by side view Microsoft launches Skype pre release for Windows 8.1, lets you answer calls from the lock and Start screens

For now though, these three features still aren’t available for everyone. Windows 8.1 isn’t out yet and this update is, after all, marked as a pre-release.

Microsoft didn’t share when it plans to officially release Skype for Windows 8.1. We presume, however, that it will be ready in time for when the free operating system update starts rolling out. The timing will be perfect for anyone buying new Windows devices in time for the holiday.

See also – Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets a people list filter and new homescreen layout and Microsoft completes Lync integration into Skype, offers one unified communications platform for Windows and Mac.


Source : http://thenextweb.com/microsoft/2013/09/09/microsoft-launches-skype-pre-release-for-windows-8-1-lets-you-answer-calls-from-the-lock-and-start-screens/


Instagram, everyone knows about, Instagram. A rapidly grown superb application available on iOS and Android platforms. Since the launch of Instagram in October 2010, it has gained over 100 million users in just two years. Quite recently Instagram became a competitor for Vine by adding 15 second video sharing service as well. But unfortunately Instagram is limited only to iOS and Android devices currently. But what are the alternatives for the Windows phone users?

Instagram client apps in Windows Phone Store

Instagram client apps in Windows Phone Store

Many developers were developing alternatives for Instagram on Windows platform. MetroGram, Instance, WPGram are good examples for them. There is one alternative called “6tag” that leads the pack. My experience so far is, it is better than Instagram.

6Tag in Windows Phone 8

6Tag in Windows Phone 8

6tag is just giving you the experience of Instagram for iOS and Android with Windows Phone Eco system. It gives you pretty much all the features you would find in Instagram. Once you have downloaded the app you can log in using your Facebook account or through setting up your own account. As of today, 6Tag has passed over 270,000 downloads. 6tag extends support to over 33 languages.

6Tag is giving us the same Instagram feeling in Windows Phone 8 devices.

6Tag is giving us the same Instagram feeling in Windows Phone 8 devices.

6tag is built around a single page design. In the top right hand corner you will find two circles. The one on the left gives you the latest status updates, as well as a newsfeed, of the people you are following on 6tag. The number indicates how many updates you need to check on. The circle on the right allows you to check your own status. You can check who is following you, as well as those you are following, how many posts you have made and those that have been tagged. You can not change any of your profile settings from here though. In order to do that you need to go to Settings, which is worth spending some time with as it is quite detailed. Along with these functionality you can find friends, either via your phone contacts, Facebook or Instagram. You can also choose to share you 6tag images and updates across the full array of social networks. You can also set 6tag as a Live Tile, which will also keep you informed of status updates. In addition to that 6Tag has “Post entire picture” option which allows you to post 16:9 scaled images without cropping.

6Tag UIs

6Tag UIs

6Tag also brings your notification to Windows Phone Lock Screen. This kind of a feature is not available in other platforms. Video sharing is also enabled in this client.


6Tag supports video sharing, post entire picture and lock screen notifications

6Tag supports video sharing, post entire picture and lock screen notifications

The brains behind this amazing app is a French developer called Rudy Huyn. In a tweet on 6th September 2013, he has stated that there are more nice and requested features to come with 6tag version 1.3.  If you own a Windows Phone 8 device just visit this link  to download it.


diGIT.lk published its native Windows 8 app, which can be downloaded for free. In this article we will show how it uses windows native features to provide a fast and fluid diGIT.lk experience to the users.

diGIT magazine app listed in Windows 8 app store

diGIT magazine app listed in Windows 8 app store

Live Tile Update

Windows 8 Live Tiles are interactive apps that use the internet to bring live updates to the users. Live tiles sit on the Windows 8 start screen, and are useful for displaying up-to-date information. So whenever there is a new post published by diGIT.lk, now you would be able to view it on Windows 8 as a Live Tile.

Live tile updates

Live tile updates

Native Sarch

Just like diGIT.lk website, diGIT Windows 8 app has a built-in content search that you can use to browse for a specific post. Once you launch the app, simply press win + q key combination, type the content you are looking for and press the search button. You will get the search results immediately for your query. For instance I have used “dialog” as a search key here.

Native search feature

Native search feature

Share Articles from App

Windows 8 provides app-in share feature that enables us to share app content directly from the app. diGIT Magazine app uses this feature so the users can share the content to any social media platform by using “Peoples” app or directly email the article to a recipient. To share an article first open the article by clicking on it. Then launch the share charm by pressing win + h. Then you will see a list of social media platform apps from which you can select the one you want and share it.


Share articles and contents to others

Share articles and contents to others

Get All the News Under a Specific Heading

In diGIT Magazine app users can navigate to all the content published through diGIT.lk website. All headings are shown in the home page of the app, but only few content are available per each heading. So in order to get all the articles under a particular topic, a user can click on the topic he or she prefers. For example, if you need to get all the articles under “Recent News”, just click on it and all the latest news will then be listed.

Screenshot (74)

All articles under "Recent news"

All articles under “Recent news”