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Avian Technologies launches latest Kaspersky software


Kaspersky Lab recently launched their latest domestic security program Kaspersky anti-virus 2014 and the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. The new security softwares are said to carry the latest drivers and said to host brand new features to ensure the highest level of security for users PC and their digital and cyber valuables.
Avian Technologies (PVT) Ltd which hails the position of sole authorized Kaspersky lab products distributor for Sri Lanka expressed that they are very excited to launch the new Kaspersky retail version 2014.
Ranil Francisco and Buddika Liyanage the directors of Avian Technologies said that we believe that the product features are carefully incorporated to serve the current threats and looking beyond to the future of cybercrimes.
They also mentioned that they are confident that together with their partners they can protect the digital world safeguarding the interest of every home user.
About 200,000 new malware samples emerge everyday according to the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network and compared to just 125,000 a year ago. Cybercriminals makes millions of dollars by using malware and sophisticated Trojans, and pulling out online bank heists and scams.
The price of poor quality protection against these cyber threats is not merely a daily bombardment of spam emails, or sluggish performance from a virus-ridden PC the cost hit regular users squarely in their wallets.
According to the Kaspersky Security Network, at least 7.5 million Kaspersky Lab customers worldwide were targeted by phishing attacks between April 2012 and May 2013. These scams are conducted through emails which are carefully crafted to look legitimate and attempts to steal online banking details and many more financial security data.
According to a survey conducted on the consumers my B2B International in June 2013 a 62% of internet users has experienced at least one attack in their cyber activities during the last 12 months.
Sadly even after the fraud was identified a 41% of the users were not able to get their money back. According to various industry sources, approximately 700 million people around the globe regularly uses online banking and Kaspersky is offering them the most needed and sophisticated internet security software to help protect their privacy and confidentiality in online financial dealings.
The new version of Kaspersky retail products, like their highly regarded predecessors were specially developed with that requirement in mind.
Avian Technologies have been the sole authorized Kaspersky partner in Sri Lanka since 2007 and has helped in giving hand to Kaspersky to establish solidity within Sri Lanka and was greatly appreciated by Kaspersky.
Avian has earned a very high reputation and has obtained the recognition in the industry as an emerging organization who offers extremely competitive post and pre sales targeting to offer the best products and service.

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