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#askCBSL Twitter Q&A with Central Bank Governor – Take 2


Live from Twitter Q&A session with Central Bank Governor. 2nd such session for 2014.

Pics from event here

W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 20142:06 pm

Here’s a complete list of questions and answers from today’s #AskCBSL session:


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201411:23 am

That wraps up the 2nd session of Twitter Q&A with Central Bank Governor. Thanks to all who joined in with the questions.

W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:57 am

For all the Questions & Answers from the Twitter Q&A session with Central Bank Governor, pls click here https://twitter.com/CBSL/with_replies

W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:54 am

Rudhu Gahalaya asks:
මහ බැංකුව අපිට ආදරෙයි නේද?


Governor responds:
අපේ වගකීම ඉෂ්ට කිරීමෙන් අප පෙන්වා දී ඇත්තේ අපේ රටවැසියන් ගැන අපි කැක්කුමකින් කටයුතු කරන බවයි.


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:49 am

Yasas asks:
Sir, any suggestion/ directives from @CBSL to banking sector on improving private credit growth


Governor responds:
Our policy action of yesterday addresses this issue. .


Yasas also asks 3 more questions for which the Governor responds

W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:46 am

Azhar Razak asks:
Whilst CB held programs 2 encourage Islamic banking https://twitter.com/CBSL/status/505359624430968834 … #BBS demands it be taken off #lka banking system.Views?


Governor replies:
Banking business is conducted according to the Sri Lankan Banking Act. Hence, there should be no concerns. .


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:41 am

Chathuranga asks:
1- Banks charge 24% p.a for overdue LC’s.This hurts entrepreneurs with very short term liquidity mismatches. Lot of excess CR in MKT


2- Appreciate that penal interest was capped with 2%. But banks use loop holes to exploit this.


Governor responds:
1- That charge seems excessive and we will look into this matter. .


2- Please let us know what loophole is being used. We will deal with it.


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:39 am

We have a small 6 second vine video too for your viewing special


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:38 am

Mudhitha asks 2 more questions which the governor gladly responds:
2- Improving infrastructure and capacity building itself will not generate technology innovations. What else are you doing?


3- Colombo city is inundated with traffic. What is the loss of productivity due to traffic? Are there any plans to alleviate?


Governor responds:
2-Without capacity building technology innovations won’t take place.Hence, it is vital that we continue this process.


3- Growing cities encounter this challenge. Better roads, good traffic manners and mass transportation will help..


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:36 am

Muditha Senarath Yapa asks:
Recently at a meeting you said by 2020 SL will have per capita income of $7500 – what would rural sri lankans get by 2020?


Governor responds:
The incomes of rural sri lankans would also increase significantly from what it is today. Policy measures are in place.


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:30 am

So many Paypal questions!!

W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:29 am

An English Gossip site also asks a question:
Governor, you were dismissive about BitCoins the last time you were asked about the topic. Have your views changed?


Governor answers:


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:26 am

Question from Reshzan:
Do u think that our budget allocations for R&D is enough

Governor answers:
Budget allocations are always difficult because there are many competing interests. There are also many tax incentives provided



W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:24 am

Question from Pahan about Paypal
Pahan – still no paypal for sri lanka?


Governor answers:
There is some progress on this matter and we are hopeful that it should happen by early next year.


W.G.T. Fernando W.G.T. Fernando Sep 24, 201410:21 am

Governor is here and answering questions from tweeps




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