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Android App – Sand


A single app that can serve as an automatic silencer, a notification tool, an alarm clock and a task manager, targeting the entire productivity cycle under a simple user interface.

Based on the rules you add, the app will:
■ switch your phone to silent while you sleep / wake you up with an alarm / remind you of a note / vibrate
■ daily, weekly or just once
■ on certain days or between certain days
■ at certain times or between certain times
■ plus: you can also add tasks and use it as a todo list

Other features:
■ share your list with friends or make a backup by emailing it to yourself in human readable form. That same backup can be imported back into the app by copy/pasting it
■ extra filter controls and reminder text when you turn the device to landscape
■ Ring Mode widget: change the ringer mode (mute/vibrate/loud)

Created by Teodore Filimon

Grab it to your Android device here




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