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A Journey towards Success in Mobile Application Business – Story of Sajith Udayanga


 - Interview with Sajith Udayanga, Overall Winner of Digit Ideamart Awards – 2013

Taking another step towards fostering the IT/Mobile industry of the country, Digit Magazine together with Dialog Axiata organized a mobile application development competition for application developers of Dialog Ideamart. Many developers took part in the competition with their innovative application ideas and their effort to succeed is commendable. The limelight of the event was grabbed by Sajith Udayanga, who won two awards, namely the Best Application Award and the People’s Choice Award. Today we interview Sajith to reveal his story to the success in mobile application business.

Q: Hello Sajith! Congratulations on being the overall winner at IdeaMart – Digit Mobile Application Development Competition. Tell us about yourself.

A: I am Sajith Udayanga. I’m an undergraduate of the Department of Sports Science and Management, Faculty of Applied Science at Sabaragamuwa University. I was a student at Ananda College. I have a keen interest for programming and field of mobile application development. It has been about two years since I entered mobile application development field. Now I have around 25 mobile applications successfully operating.

Q: Give us a brief introduction to your presence on IdeaMart.

A: I began to work with dialog Ideamart a few months ago. I have created several successful mobile applications along with Ideamart. The 2 main applications I have created are Lovers chat and Find my Kid. Basically lovers chat application is build under “couple chat concept”. It allows two partners/friends to chat unlimitedly only for Rs. 1 per day. If anyone wants to register for this application all they have to do is type REG JM and send 77220. Find my kid application is built carrying the idea of safety. It allows the user to track the location of the child or any other desired person. This application may become useful in emergency situations. Find My Kids application won 2 awards at Digit-Ideamart award ceremony 2013; the people’s choice award and best application award. To register for this application type REG FM and send to 77100.

Q: What makes you/your applications stand out from the rest?

A: My applications are built according to the requirement of customers. I focus on touching the areas of daily needs through my applications. Applications are user friendly and the customers can give feedback on the quality of the service and the problems they face while using my application. This approach allows my applications to standout from the rest.

Q: How do you evaluate the feasibility of your idea?

A: When I generate an idea for an application, I practically consider whether it could be utilized in daily life and whether it would meet the requirements of potential customer base. Then I would talk about my idea with friends and have their suggestions. Sometimes I tell my ideas to a sample of my potential customer base and evaluate whether my application would become practically useful to them.

Q: How do you reach out to your target market? What are the marketing channels you use?

A: Main-marketing channel I use is social media. Apart from that I use leaflets and my friend network as my channels too.

Q: Behind every success story, there is a list of challenges and barriers. What are the challenges you are facing at the moment as a developer/entrepreneur?

A: I have faced several challenges in this field. Sometime I find it hard to reach customers. Basically marketing is a quite big challenge. The initial cost for marketing is high. The means to reach customers are usually costly that I find as a challenge. Apart from that meeting the needs of dynamic customer base is another challenge.

Q: In your opinion, what are the elements of the formula for a successful entrepreneur?

A: I think to be a successful entrepreneur one should always be alerted about the markets and always update himself/herself about market and strategies. Taking the risk, which is calculated well, is another aspect. And it is important to look at the things in daily routine and activities differently to understand the opportunities.

Q: Where do you see yourself in another 10 years time? Tell us about your future plans for your business?

A: I have aim to start a software and mobile application developing company of my own. In ten years time my vision is to be a successful, competitive and leading mobile application developing company in Sri Lanka.

Q: What is your message for developers who want to become entrepreneurs?

A: If you want to reach out your dreams, always be a leader not a follower. Think further about the life experiences and see the opportunities it generates. Always be prepared to take the risk, which is well calculated. And finally remember to have a backup plan in your initial ideas fail.



Hajara is a former Program Officer at SLASSCOM (Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies) and an MBA candidate of Staffordshire University - UK. She holds a BA (Hons) in Business Administration (First Class) from Staffordshire University - UK and currently pursuing studies on CIMA Strategic Level. Hajara is dreaming of a Sri Lanka with IT/BPM industry as the number one industry and she can be followed on Twitter via @hajara_. Views are personal.


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